The International Research Program

Cognitive Readiness
in the context of Project Management

Initiated in 2011 by Russell Archibald (USA), Daniele Di Filippo (ITA) and Ivano Di Filippo (ITA)
for the Project Management natural development.


Official definition: “Cognitive Readiness is the mental preparation, including skills, knowledge, abilities, motivations and personal dispositions, needed to establish and sustain outstanding individual and team performance in the complex and rapidly changing environment of project, program, and portfolio management.”


Cognitive Readiness International Research Program couple

with The International Research Programme “Capabilities for delivering projects in the context of societal development (CaProSoc)”   Read more 

and with The Institute for Neuro & Behavioral Project Management   Read more 


The study of cognitive readiness for project and program management was first used as a term of study in 2011 with the project “Cognitive Readiness in Project Team”, launched by Russell Archibald, Daniele Di Filippo and Ivano Di Filippo. The initial book publication on the subject was published in 2019, “Cognitive Readiness in Project Teams, Reducing Project Complexity and Increasing Success in Project Management” ed. Carl Belack, Daniele Di Filippo, and Ivano Di Filippo. The project, Cognitive Readiness in Disruptive Times, was initiated in 2020 through the International Research Program Capabilities for delivering projects in the context of societal development, CaProSoc, led by Dr. Mladen Radujkovic and Reinhard Wagner


In order to frame the Mission of the Cognitive Readiness research program a series of activities to address have been put in place.

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